Serviced Apartment Property Management

Network Pacific is a market leader in property management for serviced apartment and hotel groups around Australia. Our outstanding professionalism and competence has led to sustainable and valued relationships with some of Australia’s leading serviced apartment and hotel groups.

Serviced apartment property management can be complex. We remove the complexity from our clients by providing an easy and streamlined process that comprehensively meets all the requirements of property management, including financial, lease review, maintenance and Owners Corporation requirements.

As part of our property management role we:

  • Distribute rent and outgoings
  • Provide a monthly statement and accurate set of financial records
  • Provide an income and expenditure report to the landlord on an annual basis
  • Call and attend meetings
  • Maintain an accurate record of correspondence, asset register and maintenance reports
  • Ensure appropriate levels of insurance
  • Arrange for the maintenance of chattels and fixtures in accordance with the terms of the lease
  • Take necessary action to ensure compliance with the lease

All funds are processed through our registered Trust Account which is independently audited annually.

We ensure that we communicate with our clients at key stages throughout the process. A dedicated Property Manager ensures that our clients can seek advice, clarification or ask questions at any time.