Our Difference

Our clients have come to expect the highest level of professional service and effective communication. Our responsive, personal and streamlined approach to property management has led to valued and enduring client relationships.

A seamless experience

Our large portfolio of over 1500 properties requires a robust and systematic approach for a seamless and efficient operation.

Our network of affiliate services ensures a holistic and smooth experience when managing your investment properties. A 24/7 repairs and maintenance support centre means that repairs are promptly attended to, and building assets and equipment are maintained in accordance with legislative requirements. This results in a better customer experience for both the landlord and the tenant.

Our Sh@recar facility provides a value-added service to tenants who have access to a dedicated car without the escalating costs associated with car ownership and car parking. Our Building Wholesale Supplies business allows owners and tenants to purchase high-quality energy-efficient light globes and other relevant products at warehouse prices.

This one-stop-shop approach allows our clients to deal with one company, freeing up valuable time and ensuring a hassle-free, pleasant experience.

A personal experience

Our 24/7 call centre ensures owners and tenants can speak with us at any time and we will respond in a timely and efficient manner. Our procedures ensure that in the event of your property manager being away, other staff members know the exact status of your portfolio.

We actively maintain a database of prospective tenants who receive regular emails of available properties that meet their search criteria. We ensure that enquiries from both owners and tenants are followed up promptly – we will return your phone call, you won’t need to chase us up.

A dedicated Owners Corporation management team ensures that you receive individual and professional service throughout the entire property management process.

Innovative Advanced Technology

We use the latest technological innovations to ensure an easy and streamlined experience. Our Online Service allows you to log maintenance jobs and general requests, upload invoices, make payments and conduct other online transactions in a simple, fast and efficient manner.

We go to great lengths to ensure that our data management practices are robust. Our data is backed up daily and data is taken offsite and safely secured.

Minimising Vacancy Periods and Arrears

Through a proactive and professional approach, we ensure that vacancy periods are low and arrears are promptly dealt with.

As soon as we receive notification a tenant will be vacating a premises we commence a marketing campaign which starts with contacting our database of potential tenants whose search criteria matches the property by email and text. Unlike other property management organisations we don’t wait until the property is vacant to start to show prospective tenants through. We happily make a time outside open inspections to show prospective tenants through. Prospective tenants are communicated with regularly to ensure we are aware of any changes in their circumstances.

Our accounts department reconciles our trust accounts every day, meaning we always know the exact status of each of our tenants. Tenants and owners are notified immediately of any arrears. In the event that a tenant fails to pay their rent on time we send them a reminder email as well as actually call them! Our systematic approach to arrears ensures no one slips through our strict collection process.

We Don’t Just Find a Tenant, we Find the Right Tenant

We conduct a rigorous screening process for every application received, including checking references, rental history and verification of employment. We discuss suitable applicants with the owners to ensure the right tenant is selected.

Prompt Repairs and Maintenance

Our after-hours call centre can handle all maintenance requests and rental queries at all times of the day or night. We have a vast network of highly qualified, trusted and reliable tradesmen. Our property managers take a proactive approach to repair requests ensuring that all parties are kept updated on the status from start to finish.

Our tradesmen advise if the repair is the result of tenant negligence so that we can recoup the cost on behalf of the landlord. Our aim is to ensure your property is well maintained, keeping it competitive in the marketplace, and your asset continues to increase in value.

A Pleasant Experience for Tenants

We take great steps to ensure that our tenants are well supported. After all, a happy tenant is one that is likely to stay longer in your property! We treat tenants as clients, responding promptly to enquiries – they won’t need to chase us up.

We make the process of renting a property an easy and pleasant experience – from providing email and text alerts of properties matching their search criteria, arranging open and private viewings, keeping them updated on the status of their application, through to providing the lease in advance to ensure plenty of time to prepare questions before signing.

Once tenants move into their new residence we ensure they enjoy the same friendly support. Our responsive staff are trained to provide advice and support and to find the right information to answer tenant enquiries. Our 24/7 call centre and online maintenance log system ensures that maintenance and repairs are undertaken promptly by our network of responsive and trustworthy tradespeople.

We have a dedicated section of our website for tenants to access useful information, online forms and links to other useful websites for tenants.